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scuba diving in melbourne

Scuba Diving In Melbourne, let talk about it Melbourne has some of the most exhilarating marine-life you will ever encounter! Historic shipwrecks, stunning wall dives, temperate water reefs, fast drift dives, thriving kelp gardens with crayfish, abalone, scallops, dolphins and seals, you name it; it is all here in Melbourne

Melbourne Scuba Diving Guide

The Port Phillip Bay region, near the city of Melbourne enjoys a comfortable climate, with kind winters from December to February, a mild and balmy spring and autumn and cooler summers from June to August. The Canberra ship wreck is now a marine reserve and is definitely a sight to be seen. One of the famous highlights is the Lonsdale Wall which includes numerous different dives depending on your depth and where you start and exit.
It can be a bummer to think about lack of familiarity you might have with the local area or not having somebody to share your diving experience with. Whatever the case, multiple services available in the local scuba diving shops will help you start your journey. These services will organize your Scuba diving experience and will escort you with your PADI (Professional Association of Driving instructors) expert in the water, guiding you through site seeing Adrenaline: under water and keeping you safe at all times. For a more comfortable and fulfilling experience, a PADI guide will also acquaint you with one of Melbourne’s local shore dives. A guided dive is for divers of all levels, designed to assist you with applying what you know about Scuba Diving and apply this to the local environment via a fun, relaxed dive. I recommed you must try scuba diving in melbourne for once.

Scuba Diving Melbourne Deals

There are multiple outlets that provide you with deals regarding all sorts of scuba diving in melbourne, they are listed below


At adrenaline is the awesome scuba diving in melbourne you can get access to all sorts of Scuba Diving courses with an exclusive 15%* on all of them. Choose whatever experience you would like to have from their wide variety of options such as Shark Dive at Melbourne Aquarium, One day Snorkeling trip at the Great Barrier Reef, Snorkeling with seals in the Mornington Peninsula, Snorkel Tour and Nature walk, etc.
*The time for discount may be subjected to terms and conditions.

Peninsula Dive school

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Peninsula Dive School has a range of services for scuba enthusiasts. Guests and Tourists of all capacities can enroll in one of many courses taught by a team of professionals with a combined 15 years’ experience; these courses will enable you to discover the ocean at your own pace. Customers can also rent and purchase a range of equipment; additionally they can also have their own gear repaired at the venue’s shop. At Peninsula Dive School, you are offered a deal for open water scuba diving course with certification for up to 18 meters. You’ll get 3 face-to-face training sessions. The first session will be a full-day with theory and pool time, the second session will be a full-day with two shore dives and the final session will be two boat dives. Peninsula Dive school is well known scuba diving in melbourne

They also offer open water scuba diving course and Advanced Adventurer certification: up to 30 meters which includes 5 face-to-face training sessions with theory and three shore dives: navigation, buoyancy and night diving. Participants can also receive discounts on upgrades to other courses upon completion of their course.


Bayplay offers multiple deals for all kinds of Scuba divers from beginners to experts. They have a variety of vouchers that you can purchase according to your needs and budget.
Moreover, they offer group accommodation for large and small groups such as a Family holiday at the cottages close to the Peninsula Hot Springs with a host of adventure who will guide you with Scuba Diving, Snorkel with Sea Dragons, Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Bike Riding and a lot more. They also provide Marine and Education Camps in the summer as well arrange school camping trips.
Visit their website 

Scuba Culture

Scuba Culture
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Scuba Culture offers a membership deal where you can become a part of the member’s club and enjoy multiple benefits such as social gatherings, vouchers and exclusive deals and enjoy the comprehensive scuba diving culture in Melbourne. Other than that Scuba Culture is famous for being Victoria’s leading source of recognized Scuba Diving training. They provide you with opportunities to dive locally as well as interstate or overseas. They also offer a wide range of diving courses such as recreational scuba, accredited and vocational training. They offer customized deals where you can communicate with them the place you want to see or the kind of diving experience you are looking for and they will make it happen.

For more details visit their website

Ocean Divers

At Ocean Divers, there are several options for divers (as well as non-diving friends and family) a wide variety of trips to suit a range of tastes and budgets so that they have the opportunity to explore marine life that can be found all over the world from the docks on our doorstep to the other parts of Victoria, interstate and abroad.
For more details visit their website
Other services/shops that might be able to provide you will good deals include Academy of Scuba, Ocean divers, Scuba Doctor, etc.

Scuba Diving Courses Melbourne

When you’ve gotten an overall understanding of how Scuba Diving works in Melbourne, your next mission should be to look for the courses available in the locality and choose whatever suits your needs. There are a variety of Scuba Diving courses for amateurs and experts with different levels of skill sets and Scuba Diving opportunities. These courses include:

Try Diving in melbourne

Try scuba diving in melbourne  is mostly for people who want to discover the life underwater. This experience can include discovering a certain area according to your preference or choosing the most visited destinations with your PADI by your side. The course provides basic information on diving equipment, the science of diving, problem management and safe diving practices. This offer includes various courses to learn in water techniques for donning and adjusting equipment, entering the water, checking buoyancy, surface swimming, clearing water from your snorkel and performing effortless surface dives. It will definitely be an adventure you will not forget.

Diving for kids melbourne

scuba diving in melbourne for kids Even If you’re travelling with family, Scuba Diving services in Melbourne have you covered. There special courses for kids where they can have all the underwater fun under adult supervision with complete safety. This deal involves swimming with the seal team which will ensure that your kid has the time of their life.

Free Diving Melbourne

free scuba diving in melbourne  is an adventure on its’ own, you’ll be using your breath holding skills to deep into the ocean. That’s correct, it is a full on Scuba Diving experience without all the Scuba gear! No prior experience in snorkeling, skin diving or free diving is necessary for this course. Free Diving allows you to get closer to marine life because you are not blowing any bubbles, therefore underwater life believe you are one of them. If you need a stress-free hobby, Free diving course is your best option.

PADI certification/Polish your diving skills:

There are courses that enable divers to get certified by the Professional Academy for Diving Instructors. Some courses can also be taken by people who have had experience diving but it has been a while since they went to try out the open ocean. All kinds of diving courses are available at local diving school and academies, Academy of Scuba being one of the best options available.

scuba diving melbourne cost

There are various pricing strategies for all kinds of Scuba Diving experiences ; all of them inclusive of the needs of their customers. Whether you’re on a budget or going all out on spending money for the best scuba diving in melbourne experiences, we have got you covered.

⦁ Night and Day guiding tours including rental gear and air fills cost $130 for both children and adults.
⦁ Boat dives cost around $68 for both children and adults.
⦁ Scuba diving courses for divers as well as beginners that last around 1-3 days according to your chosen course   start from the fee of $155 for children and $195 for adults to the highest fee for special courses such as $695 for   children and $1495 for Adults.
⦁ All the equipment hiring cost comes under $50-100/per item, for different kinds of gear.
Prices may vary according to specific deals or vouchers, in addition to the service provider’s specifications.

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