Best 5 Undecorated Cakes in Melbourne

undecorated cakes in melbourne

Sometimes decorating cakes is the only thing on our mind yet to start the process one needs to go through the hassle of baking a cake first; in order to facilitate the process various cake shops and bakers offer a wide range of fruit and sponge cakes with a covering of simple white sugar paste. These services give you the chance to stack these undecorated cakes on one another, use a variety of frostings and flavors or use fondant if you want.
To help you out we have compiled a list of cake shops that provide undecorated cakes in melbourne.

Fiona Cairns

Fiona Cairns makes handmade cakes. Their team hand crafts cake decoration for every occasion which is displayed in their shop window; their team consists of an expert group of skilled bakers, decorators and other product development members. All cakes produced by them are specifically designed for their clients on their request. They have undecorated cakes they bake in two categories: sponge cakes and fruitcakes.

The cakes have a long life and kept in stored in a cool and dry place, somewhere sunlight strong smells don’t reach and definitely not in the refrigerator. In this way the fruitcakes can be stored for two months and the vanilla sponges over two weeks and the chocolate sponges just under two weeks. Their undecorated cakes are perfect for decorating and you can order one beforehand if you are looking forward to a cake party.
Fiona Cairns offers the best undecorated cakes in melbourne
To place an order or get further details
visit their website.

Cakers Warehouse

Cakers Warehouse sells a huge variety of undecorated cakes in melbourne that are ready to be custom decorated by you. Their cakes are freshly baked with the perfect amount of quality ingredients so not only will your cake look the way you like it but it will also taste delicious. At Cakers Warehouse, the staff and team of experts work together to provide with you with decadent cakes; they take pride in producing so many flavors in their undecorated cakes collection which includes Caramel Mud cake, Chocolate Mud cake, white Mud cake, Chocolate Butter cake, Marble Butter cake, Red Velvet cake, Vanilla Butter cake, strawberry mud cake and various combination of the same flavors too. If you are looking for a cakes to decorate which also tastes remarkable then Cakers warehouse is for you.
Cakers Warehouse offers the best undecorated cakes in melbourne.

Visit their website to place an order or to get more details.

Mondo Kitchen

Mondo Kitchen has a whole team of people producing all kinds of undecorated cakes and sweets in different forms such as Square Cakes, Round Cakes, Mini Cupcakes, Plain cupcakes as well as undecorated cookies. Manto kitchen is dedicated to satisfy their customers and aims to meet your individual needs. They offer a variety of undecorated cakes in melbourne for their customers so that their customers can easily customize the cakes on their own. In addition to that Mondo’s also sell a variety of cake decorating essentials which will help you get started on your cake decorating process. Mondo Kitchen offers variety, quality and creativity in their products so that you can go home and be satisfied with your purchase and recommend them to others as well . Mondo Kitchen is a very good option to buy Undecorated cakes as they will assist you to get what you require every step of the way. For further details visit their website.

Country Cakes

Country Cakes offers you the luxury to enjoy the fun of decorating cakes without the hassle of baking the cake itself. Country Cakes makes some of the most delicious cakes in town which helps you to focus your energies on crafting your own creative decorations for your very own customized cake without worrying about the baking ingredients and getting involved in the procedure of baking. They have a range of flavors in their undecorated cakes collection along with various sizes and styles. To make your cake decoration shopping even easier they also have a wide variety of decorating materials available in store such as Icing, boards, etc.

At Country cakes, Undecorated Cakes Menu includes Round sponges, Butter Cakes Available in vanilla, chocolate, orange, rainbow marble as well as chocolate, peppermint, cherry-ripe, white, caramel, and marble mud cakes in addition, they also have special Undecorated Cakes Available in lemon sour cream cake, carrot cake, and banana flavor. Other than that undecorated cupcakes are also available. Hence, Country Cakes is great option if you are looking for a huge variety of different flavored undecorated cakes to decorate by yourself.

For further details, visit their website.

Glasshouse cakes and supplies

Glass house cakes and supplies is a customer friendly cake shop and the best undecorated cakes in melbourne that produces Unfinished Cakes, Undecorated Cakes ,Naked Cakes, undecorated cakes and cupcakes, etc. At Glasshouse Cakes, you can get a cake baked specifically according to your requirements and needs. The staff is super friendly and will cater to all your wishes.
They keep limited amount of stock in their freezer for emergency need for an undecorated cake. The flavors they have available for orders are Chocolate Mud, Banana, Carrot and Orange, White Chocolate, Orange & Poppy Seed, Caramel
Red Velvet, Vanilla Chocolate Swirl, Raspberry Vanilla Swirl. To get in contact or place an order, visit their website for more information.

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