Best nightclubs in Melbourne on Saturday Nights

Are you looking for a place to let loose on a Saturday night? A place to dance through the night with no care about the world around you? Can you imagine the DJ playing your favorite jam as you move your body to the beat? If you know how you want to party but your problem is not knowing where to party in Melbourne on a Saturday night, don’t worry we have got you covered. We’ve found some of the best nightclubs in Melbourne on Saturday Nights! Grab your dancing shoes because it is time to party!

Brown Alley

brown alley melbourne

Brown Alley is one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne on a Saturday night. It is a level 3 nightclub with techno, R&B, electro, indie and all sorts of entertainment. The club has a massive dance floor with DJs having a vibe of their own in a gloomy alcove. The club features some of best bands and electronic acts. Brown Alley hosts an array of events of weekends with the best of them on Saturday nights which include themed events such as Halloween costume party, Magic, R&B rap contests in the house with all kinds of alcohol and amusement. The Burns City Disco at the club is known for the ultimate Saturday night party vibe with vibrant colored lights and freedom for all. The tickets for their events cost around $45-$70 and more celebrity oriented events go up to a $100. If you’re looking for a night of fun and have nothing to regret, Brown Alley is the place to be.

New Guernica

New Guernica is a theatre inside a club, a theatre in regards to the atmosphere inside starting from the décor to the drinks. Everything at this club is made interesting to make your Saturday night more than just a few hours of drinking and dancing. The club incorporates flowers and animals and inhabits a safe space where you can let lose and express yourself however you want. The club thrives on enthusiastic dancers who become central to the nightlife in Melbourne. Additionally, they host events such as featuring local artists and DJs on Saturdays to double the amount of entertainment. At New Guernica, the party starts as soon as you walk in and you can expect techno, lasers and light shows over two rooms as the party goes on till 5 AM. On Saturdays, the club offers complementary drinks from 10-11 p.m. to set the mood for the night. The price for entry on each Saturday varies according to the kind of event taking place. You can contact the club authorities via their website for further details.

La Di Da

La Di La is not an extravagant club by any definition but they know how to set the mood for a wild party. If you’re looking for cheap drinks and a pounding dance floor then La Di La is the club for you. Whether you want to host a private event or have a girls night out, La Di La has got you covered. Let your hair down and get in your first drink in because at this club it is all about partying. La Di La hosts student parties and as well integrates local artists and DJs at the club. Special packages that include dinner and after party range up to $85 and other prices vary. Get our costume on because this club is planning to help your inner self out.

Revolver Upstairs

Revolver is one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne on Saturday nights as it is has an expansively decadent venue that gives you the freedom to act wild with yourself. The club allows you to behave however you want at night with no regrets in the morning; basically helps you achieve one of the best nights of your life every Saturday. They serve Thai food and have a floor dedicated to raucous band performances that maintain the vibe of the scene. Revolver is not everybody’s cup of coffee without the eccentric and vacuous entertainment; they deliver a breath of super charged electric air with an appeal to your wicked side. In order to attend the gigs upstairs you need to purchase tickets which cost anywhere around $50-$75. So what are you waiting for, suit up because it’s time to get wild.

The Social

The social encompasses Saturday nights with a whole lot of dance floor action. This is a hotspot for people who think fun and dancing are synonyms. The club gets into the mood with high-energy in the house where you can grab signature cocktails and let the DJs get you grooving through till 3am. Hosting a variety of functions, the Social has your public and private celebrations covered such as birthdays, bachelorettes, anniversaries and much more. The club is a daytime café which turns quickly into a dance floor for a night of party. Vibrant colored lights can be seen in the background of any picture taken at the club, it sets the temperament for festive shenanigans. The prices vary for private gatherings; however, the price for entry to the club can be inquired via their website. Planning a weekend full of dancing and carefree drinking, hit The Social with your friends.


Glamorama is one of the hottest clubs in Fitzroy, buzzing with the magnetic energy this is on the best nightclubs in Melbourne on Saturday night. You can start your evening with all kinds of delicacies including vegetarian or full on meaty such as fried pork and whole duck with mustard and ketchup injection at your service, the choice is your call. The Glamorama has a floor hammering sound system that makes everything else meaningless except the music itself. On Saturdays, the club is open till 5 a.m. which means you can party till 5 in the morning and have the time of your life. There is a wide variety of whiskey to choose from and whole courtyard space for socializing. This club is all bold and beautiful with flashing red sign boards and the cleaved head of American’s Psycho’s Patrick Bateman’s head to greet you on your way in. They have a hedonistic social scene of 1980s New York going on with exposed brick, lofty ceilings, ruby-hued booths and red lights behind the bar.

Ms Collins

The elegant urban venue is a triple threat with a restaurant, bar and club. Ms Collins turns up the heat on weekdays with their Latin American night Tromba featuring free salsa and bachata dance classes. They also host one of the city’s best R&B parties and it is a great drinking scene with a notorious reputation for a pick-up venue. It is a multi-faceted venue with a variety of cuisines, drinks and cigars. The décor is classical renaissance style with the ceiling referencing to the Sistine Chapel, including bold pastels and shocking neon signs. The drinks at the club are hard, fast and sweet with inventions using ingredients like Japanese whisky, Chandon and fig jam and a variety of other things. Although, you can get your drinks customized according to your taste the same drinks can become really pricey with prices up to $30 per drink. Ms Collins can either be the best nightclub in Melbourne on Saturday for you or be nothing but a package of expensive drinks and showy atmosphere to you.

Hoo Haa

Hoo Haa is a lively bar and lounge that offers something for every mood. At this bar/club you can chow down on street food from all over the world in the kitchen. You can enjoy the bar’s animated seasonal cocktails and then show off those moves on the dance floor on every Saturday night. You can eat, drink and dance the night away at this bar. Even though, the bar has a laid back atmosphere, it has a particular dress code on weekends that omits sneakers and casual jeans. Other than that the drinks cost from $4- $10 for a variety of whiskeys. So get ready to spend a Saturday full of amusement and dance with nothing but fun in the air. Hence, if you’re looking for a thrilling yet chill weekend where you can meet new people and let your dancing queen out Hoo Haa is the bar for you.

The Crown Level 3 Clubs

The Crown is a well-established Casino that encompasses many activities but our focus is best nightclubs in Melbourne on a Saturday nights which are definitely a part of this Casino.
Therapy is one of the coolest clubs in town for anyone and everyone who knows how to party hard on a Saturday night. This clubs hosts massive weekly celebrations of music and dance accompanied by some of world’s most popular DJs. For an epic dance floor session and a party-ready crowd, visit the Therapy at The Crown.
Crown’s CO Nightclub is another option inside the casino that knows how to pull a crowd. The roomy venue is home to Saturday’s Electric Dreams which serves up hip hop and commercial house music across two rooms until 5am where you dance and drink the best cocktails in town. The club is a highly maintain people with cash to spend and time to enjoy.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge has a reputation as one of Melbourne’s best underground nightclubs with some of most memorable Saturday nights of party that can’t really be remembered.
The venue is decorated with beaded curtains and lush furnishings which adds the right touch of opulence to your night out. As the floor heats up, the DJ plays hits to get you grooving to your favorite beat with a cocktail of your choice. Saturday night themed Rhythm Nation and it is all about old school and new school hip hop. Chaise Lounge is a place to be if you’re looking to spend time with your old mates in a club that makes you feel nostalgic yet gives you a sense of freedom. Get your tickets pre-booked or reach as soon as the line for the club open because somebody is going to get in there and have a great night even if it isn’t you.


Mezcalito brings in the feisty Mexican touch to the club scene in Melbourne with a buzzy crown and tequila on the floor to get the Saturday night Party get going. Mezcalita has a crowd of its’ own who never gets disappointed because they always deliver all they promise and more. Inside the club there’s a cranking vibe of its own which gets you into the perfect attitude to spend the night as recklessly as possible. The drinks list has 50-strong tequila line-up with much more to offer to your senses. Moreover, the soundtrack’s a mix of live mariachi and DJ tunes that make you want to dance all night long. Mezcalito is one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne on a Saturday night with its unique Mexican vibe and Tequila oriented drink that will make you party till you can’t stop.

The Emerson

The Emerson is a popular high-end club in Melbourne that offers sophisticated Saturday night revelry. It is a whole package with multi-level party playground with a the fully retractable roof and liberally positioned heating will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer providing the perfect space to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends , VIP cocktail bar and lounge which looks over the dance floor and is ideal for intimate conversation and an exceptionally exhilarating dance floor. At this club you indulge in some of the best cocktails in town such as al fresco cocktail. Socialize in that beautiful sky-high space as you drink your cocktail and get ready to head down for a session of shape-throwing and dancing backed by quality DJ tunes. The Emerson is a place of endless possibilities! This club inspires and captivates audience despite being over the top costly services offering elegance, fun and contemporary style a hint of laid back sophistication. The club hosts special entertainment nights with Australia’s top DJs. The Emerson is a favorite among Southside residents and it is one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne on a Saturday night.

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