The Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Melbourne Visit with your Family And friends

best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne

best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne ? are you finding the answer i will let you know in this topic. Sun rises are one of those phenomena of nature that pleases our aesthetic sense so much that it produces natural hormones called dopamine which triggers happiness in our bodies. This marvel of nature happens every morning and is present for all humans alike. However, there are some places all over the world which portray a magical view of sunrises unlike any other and have a charisma on its own. Waking up as early as before sunrise can be difficult but once you witness the breathtaking sunrise, you will never want to wake up any later.

best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne

We have compiled a list of spectacular places to catch a sunrise in Melbourne.

  • Shrine of Remembrance
  • Princes Pier
  • Brighton Beach
  • Albert Park Lake
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • The Twelve Apostlesf

1.Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance
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Shrine of Remembrance one of the single most spectacular landmarks in the city of Melbourne; and the best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne it was built to grieve, honor and preserve the memories of the Victorians who had lost their lives in World War 1.Even though the Shrine opens at 10 a.m., the view of the sun rising can be witnessed from buildings around the area with a tribute to the martyrs of War. The sight of sunrise combined with the haunting beauty of the monumental site makes the scene even more break taking than ever.

The sunrise can be enjoyed from the expansive lawn of the Kings Domain Gardens that surround the shrine. You can visit it all year round and especially on Anzac day for the Dawn Service with thousands other Australians. Nothing comes to being as beautiful as the sight of the very first rays of light touching the steps of the Shrine.


shrine of remembrance opening hours
10 AM TO 5PM


2.Princes Pier

Princes Pier
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Princes Pier is a historic dock extending out into Port Phillip Bay, it is one of the best locations to observe the aesthetically pleasing phenomena of sunrise.

Princes Pier is a vintage location that was overlooked in the past and remained in a poor condition for a long time until in 2006 some part of the area was restored while the remaining area with pylons were preserved. This created a haunting and deserted sight of Melbourne’s past. This area then became a popular location for photographers as Princes Pier delivers a dramatic scene of the Ocean with the sun rising over Port Phillip Bay and another best best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne. The view itself is an unforgettable spectacle, filled with a stunning sunrise.

3.Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach melbourne
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Brighton Beach is a popular site for family vacations and it is one of the most outstanding views of sunrise in Melbourne that you can have the honor of witnessing.
Tourists and residents alike especially come to visit the beach on Brighton’s Dendy Street Beach to get a glimpse of the historical brightly painted bathing boxes which were built back in 1881. At dawn, the beach, however, has another sight to reveal altogether; the dazzling palette of Mother Nature from fiery orange, vivid corals to lilacs that light up the morning sky and the waves alike. As the sun rises, the ancient boxes on the beach can be seen reflected along Melbourne’s skyline. This staggering view can be overwhelmingly refreshing with a quick morning dip in the waves. Brighton Beach is the best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne


4.Albert Park Lake

Albert Park Lake Comes in the one of the best parks to visit in the melbourne that almost everybody has visited at one point or the other whether it is to get a view of the picturesque flocks of yachts cruising along its waters or something else. However, sitting by the shore with a family of swans and taking in the sunrise with nothing to worry about is one of the best feelings in the world. The Park is located on a distance of three kilometers from the city; usually crowded by fitness fanatics, the park is one of the best locations to watch the sun rise. Albert Park has sporting facilities, a gymnasium, an aquatic center and a golf course and the lake is used for water sports as well. Albert Park Lake is one of the most tranquil and natural sceneries in the city, and best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne it is also one of the prime locations to catch the natural beauty of the sun rising.

5.Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens
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Royal Botanic Gardens is another great place to find solace from the hectic city life in the city. The majestic garden offers a massive space to natural flora. It is the one of the idel locations to choose a space right by the lake and enjoy the sunrise from a spot of your liking. The garden is located in the city’s fringe with a garden is home to a large number of plant species, Zen lakes and plush lawns.
The gardens are a popular location and have a variety of workshops, tours, walks and talks showcase on site. One of the heritage walks take you on a journey into the history of the Koolin nation, as you witness a traditional smoking ceremony and get information about the uses of plants as both food and medicine. Besides, the guided walks, the garden is open for self-exploration too. Overall, Royal Botanic Gardens are one of the best locations to spot a lovely sun rise. Royal Botanic Gardens another is the best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne.

6.The Twelve Apostlesf

The Twelve Apostles is located on the Great Ocean Road, a four hour drive from Melbourne, being one of the most popular tourist locations as it appeals 1.2 million visitors annually; an especially popular location for getting a good view of the sun rising and setting. The Twelve Apostles is actually a group of limestone stacks formed naturally due to corrosion over millions of years; in the present time there are only eight towers left upright. The place is open all year round with a beautiful scene awaiting viewers every other time of the day. Enjoy the view before dawn as it is bathed in pastel light as you make your way towards Gibson’s Steps to watch the penguins scatter into the ocean. Sunrise and sunset are particularly an extraordinary sight that should not be missed here. The Twelve Apostle is the best places to watch the sunrise in melbourne

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