Fun things to do in eastern suburbs Melbourne

Whether it is a special occasion coming up or a much needed break. The human mind craves techniques to generate adrenaline, a way to find excitement and happiness. So, if you are a resident of eastern suburbs of Melbourne, take your pens and papers out because we have compiled a list of fun things to do and be at in your area.

Dandenong Ranges National Park

Are you a fan of the wilderness? Dandenon Park is the perfect option for an adventure filled evening and the best fun things to do in eastern suburbs melbourne. The park is a collection of think forest area, small villages and low rising mountain ranges. The forest is a breath of fresh air from the industrialized city life. Moreover, the excursion to the park offers you a stress free day with nothing but nature and you get to explore the lush green valleys and native wildlife. There is an array to cafes, restaurants and artisan shops waiting to serve you and make your day even better. Thereafter, you can take a tour of the historical Puffing Billy Railway and have a wonderful time sightseeing.

Tuki Trout Fishing

Located on Smeaton in Abbotsford, Stoney Rises is an impeccable place to examine 130 year old sheep stud, enjoy the walk and open fire. Additionally, the hills overlooking the Loddon Valley offer majestic views. You can take your family along and catch a few Trouts and even cook them if you want. They have a pond where you can relax take in the landscape as you fish a Trout or two. The farm, regardless if you caught your fish or not provides with various fine dining options as well. It is one of the most popular and fun outings here in the eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

  • Knox Club

If organized sports is your things, Knox club is the best option for you. Knox Club caters to a membership program for people who want to follow their Sporting interests. The club offers multiple outlets such as Golf Club, Dart Club, Fishing Club and other types of entertainment. They also have numerous events lined up every month such as Christmas Lunches and Galas. At the Know Club, they have all kinds of fun things available for your pleasure including bars, cafes and much more. Sports can make a fun recreational activity, which is also healthy for you. Furthermore, the club also hosts charity events where donations are made for worthy causes. It is the place in Melbourne where you will want to be.

Yarra River

Yarra River is the social heart of the city. There are enormous activities happening all around the place from shopping vendors to fishing options. There are boats and fairies carrying people across the river as they enjoy the marvelous skyline of Melbourne. People from all over the city visit the river to enjoy the natural wonder of the city. Besides the usual hustle, there are special dinner cruises that can be booked for a delightful meal with your family or a romantic evening date. Therefore, not only be will you be able to enjoy your day out but you can also relish the sunset across the horizon if you hurry up.

Evergreen Winery Tour

The Yarra Valley and Warburton Highway region is surrounded by wine yards. If you love the whiff of nature, these wine tours are an excellent way to spend your day. Evergreen Winery Tours are short and flexible, therefore, their tours are planned to accommodate guests who wish to have an individual as well as deluxe touring experience. These tours use a luxury Statesman sedan for the best experience possible. The hosts are friendly and cooperative and make you feel comfortable and well looked after. You can even request a small tour for just a group of 2-3 friends and family. You are even greeted by wine makers themselves on the tour. So, get your tour booked now for a wonderful evening of wine and luxury.

Lesley Kehoe Galleries

Do you have a keen eye for art? Would a day at an art gallery, a good time spent. Well, this next recommendation is just for you. Lesley Kehoe Galleries is great place to spend your day. The Galley exhibitions and sells art with their guiding philosophy to maintain an environment of beauty. Moreover, the Gallery offers you to indulge in your aesthetics, provoking your intellect and emotionally stirring, you to the core. Art is universal and the most essential component of sanity. At the Lesley Kehoe Galleries you will witness authentic Japanese art full with Japanese culture that transcends the physical and reaches the soul. Therefore, a great way to pamper your soul with the most stunning art collection in town. Visit the Gallery and surrender to your inner artist today.

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