Melbourne Tour Tips

Melbourne Travel Guide
Melbourne, one of the finest cities in Australia, has everything to offer the visitor, vacationer, or newly transplant.
Melbourne offers the best of everything: hotels, arcades, shopping, restaurants, fitness clubs and the popular Lane’s Way. It offers all the latest events and outstanding things to do, arts and culture, places to spend the holidays, and a warm welcome to new residents. All the best is here in Melbourne.


The latest epic cinema experience is in Melbourne. The coolest ways to experience the movies are all right here: Rooftop Cinema, hot tub cinema, Qv Melbourne outdoor cinema and many more; this is the perfect place to kick back on a summer evening. No place on earth is like Visiting Melbourne.


Melbourne restaurants

There are no more than two thousand cafe restaurant with in the city of Melbourne, including local favourites and the five star restaurants, taste and custom made dishes with great environment and suitable places, roof top views, sea view sights, cocktail bars and many more beautiful surrounding for dinning with your mates or family.

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Our Main Message

Melbourne is the heart and soul of Australia, the city to thrive and live by. No matter what personality, no matter what environment you are accustomed, every possibility is awaiting you in Melbourne. Anything you can dream, any possibility, there’s a little bit of everything to do, every night of the week. The Big Apple may Never Sleep, but Melbourne offers wine, food, decadence, and every culture under the sun while you’re awake. Come to Melbourne and always have a G’Day!
This Melbourne travel guide will help you become aware of all the things Melbourne has that awaits you: Pubs, Shops, Beaches, Attractions, Beaches, Coffee Bars, Art Galleries, Zoos. You name it, and we will find it for you. Have a suggestion, Mate? Let us know.