Japanese Restaurants In Eastern Suburbs Of Melbourne

japanese restaurant melbourne eastern suburbs

Japanese traditions and culture are sophisticated and respectful.
Not only does the culture hold this degree of respect but a big part of the culture involves food.
Japanese cuisines are for all ages with exotic oriental blends and complementary sauces,
it is one of the cuisines liked by around the world.

japanese restaurant melbourne eastern suburbs

If you’re a resident of eastern suburbs of Melbourne and looking forward to an authentic Japanese experience,
then this article is specifically for you;
we’ve listed down some of most famous and authentic Japanese cuisines in Melbourne.


  • Kobe Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant
  • Yokohama Teppanyaki
  • Shira Hui
  • Ocha Japanese restaurant
  • Gyoza Gyoza


      Kobe Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant

Kobe Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant
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Kobe Teppanyaki is a restaurant in eastern suburbs of Melbourne
where they serve exclusive Japanese cuisine.
The restaurant is well-known for using the famous Japanese style of cooking food on a hot plate;
this style of cooking also becomes a means to entertainment
where the chef throwing the food right in your mouth becomes
a game amongst your gathering of friends and family.
They offer rooms for private meals such as a business meetings and the main restaurant
for a collective entertaining experience.
At Kobe Teppanyaki, the owners strive to have the freshest and
best fish and vegetables from the local markets nearby.
Kobe serves traditional Japanese cuisine which includes a sushi bar,
a wide range of Sashimi, and other exotic seafood such as octopus and crab.
Their collection of refreshment is licensed and BYO wine only,
with a wide selection of local and imported Japanese beer and much more such as
Sake, wines, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.
Visit their website for further details or to make a reservation.

 Yokohama Teppanyaki

Yokohama Teppanyaki
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Yokohama teppanyaki and sushi bar is a five star Japanese restaurant
known for its’ commitment for never compromising for ingredients that are anything less than
the freshest ingredients in the market.
They prepare everything with love for Japanese culture and your pleasure of dining.
They customize certified Australian Prime
Beef, fresh delivered fish and seafood, tender chicken
and garden fresh vegetables with exotic blends of authentic oriental
spices and comparable blend of sauces to make you meal that feels like memorable experience in Japan itself.

Their menu includes variations of Salads, Sushi, Sashimi, lobster, prawns, scallops, meat specialties
and genuine Japanese desserts,
including a special kid’s menu which offers fried chicken,
friend rice and dessert so the whole family can enjoy the meal together.
At, Yokohama they cherish the bond people have when they share a meal and to honor this relationship,
they offer reservations for celebratory dinners such as birthdays and other variety of functions. Stopover their website for details and reservations.

Shira Hui

Shira Nui is a casual Japanese restaurant in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with a decent and inviting atmosphere.
values customer service and offer guidance to new customers on how to eat your sushi, if you like Soy sauce or not. They offer separate menus for lunch and dinner.
They serve a number of Japanese specialties including seared salmon Sushi, Kingfish, Yakuniku beef, Sashimi platter, Oyster and a lot more.

Oyster is a popularly ordered dish along with the Chirashi bowl
which is juicy fresh fish with sushi rice on the
bottom, miso soup, entree fish, Chawanmushi (steamed egg).
The casual scenery and friendly staff will make your experience comfortable and enjoyable with room for customization according to your liking.
They deserves to be tried for their excellent customer service
and if you don’t fancy sushi/sashimi, there are many other options
such as grilled fish, rice, noodles and even a juicy steak to try.
Visit their websites for further details.

      Ocha Japanese restaurant

Ocha Japanese restaurant
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Ocha is an authentic Asian restaurant known for their ambiance and traditional Japanese cuisines. Their cleanliness, hospitality and high-quality food are what make them one of the best Japanese restaurants in the area.
They use fresh ingredients to make your Japanese cuisine experience exquisite with enchanting oriental flavors and blends.
At Ocha you are offered to choose your own ingredients
such as seafood, meat, vegetables and enjoy the chef prepare your succinct
meal in front of you on the hotplate in genuine Japanese style.
Including delightful food, their customer service and friendly atmosphere with helpful staff members will make want to visit them again and again. Their menu includes Rolls, a variety of appetizers, Sushi, Sashimi, a wide range of seafood such as fish, Tempura Prawns and much more such as Japanese refreshments.
Enjoy pleasant Japanese desserts after your meal to complete the experience. For further details and booking options, visit their website.

Gyoza Gyoza

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Gyoza Gyoza is Japanese restaurant that serves up to 80 traditional Japanese Tapas dishes for you to choose from, which includes a variety of vegetables, seafood, pork, beef and much more.
Its is an authentic Japanese style dumpling, which is the specialty of the restaurant,
they are known for their signature homemade Gyoza.
They make Gyoza daily in the house with the gyoza wrapping
and various stuffings for you to choose from including
Wagyu beef and red onion, miso eggplant and duck, and their most popular
filling minced garlic and pork.
They offer 3 different types of Gyoza i.e. pan-fried,
steamed and soup 3 different types of soup: miso, spicy miso and shoyu.
At Gyoza Gyoza, they use the local ingredients for the purpose of using freshing produce and incorporate it in the techniques used to make authentic Japanese dumplings.
Their kitchen is one of a kind that offers such a massive number of Japanese tapas in Melbourne.
They offer popular dishes on their menu such as Tori No Karrage, Tuna Tataki, Yasai Tempura, Crab claw
and much more. To complement the meal they offer Japanese Sake too.
For further details visit their website.

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