Melbourne to Adelaide via Great Ocean road in 3 Days

melbourne to adelaide via great ocean road in 3 days

Are you ready to explore the fascinating Melbourne to Adelaide great ocean? Well as you make your way to the visit over Australia then getting on with the exploring of Great Ocean beautiful side of road should on top of your bucket list! This has been certainly taken as being the most wanted and popular destinations among the tourists. Over the long weekens in the summer season months, this place is always crowded with the junction of tourists crowd. If you have still not visited this magical place, then let’s take you into the world of Great Ocean famous road over Melbourne to Adelaide! i will describe you briefly Melbourne to Adelaide via Great Ocean road in 3 Days.

What Is Great Ocean Amazing Road all about?

This amazing road is starting all the way to the Torquay right into the Australia. This road is running all through the coastline that is almost 243 kilometres to end up at the place of Allansford that is near the location of South Australia. The main purpose of this road is upon acting as the link between the side of ocean and between the rough bush form of tracks.  In the year 1962 this road came out to be the most world’s scenic roads stated by Tourism Development sector Agency. Throughout the whole ocean roads, you will encounter the road signs to make you learn that where to go next. This make the whole journey much more exciting and easy to carry out with. You would completely be falling in love with the beauty and surrounding of this place.

Day One Visit to Adelaide to Awesome Port Fairy:

great ocean road one day tour You can start the day one of the trip by visting the Adelaide to Port Fairy. It would take roughly around 6 hours that makes approximate 650 kilometres. It will make you meet Grampians too that is the homeland of the ancient and ruggest set of the rock formations. It will give you the entertainment of meeting up the hiking trails and art gallery locations too.  This place is worth to visit once.

Day Two Visit over Port Fairy to amazing Cape Otway:

Well the day two of your trip started to visit the port Fairy to famous Cape Otway. You will be straight-forward driving as almost 12 Apostles as over from the location of Melbourne. It is perfect when it comes to the swimming in months of summer season. It has some worth mentioning views with the sparkling scenes of the blue waters.

Just over the down side of road, you will catch the naturally and yet beautifully cretaed Grottoas well. It is all washed away complete by the area of sea water. It is an inspiring combination of the blow hole as well as cave and the beauty of arch. To reach on this location, you will be taking few of the steps down from the park and walk right into bottom portion over cliff. This will take you straight into Grottoas.

What to know about London Famous Arch?

It was previously known by the name of London Bridge. It has been spanning all across right over the ocean as the complete double arch piece of formation setting.

Loch Ard Gorge is also the prominent part of this Great Ocean. The name of this place was derived from Loch Ard that has been running on the ground shore of the island in the year 1878. It is estimated to be around 3.5km as from the place of The amazing 12 Apostles.

All about The 12 Apostles in Great Ocean Famous Road:

When it comes to mentioning about the main interest of the road, then we never miss out mentioning about 12 Apostles. They are regarded to be the enchanting series of the amazing limestone rock islands. It was total 12 in number but as because of the erosion in the past few years, its number has been reduced. It is worth to watch once in your life as it is all the more towering around 45 metres above the swirling view of the Southern Ocean.

Day Three Tour to Cape Otway to Melbourne:

Day 3 tour will be to Cape Otway to Melbourne! This area is exceptionally peaceful with the set up of large gum trees that are pleasant to watch. This place is a must to visit as it gives you the chance to wander around for shopping, having delicious coffee and having some precious time to spend on the beach side.

So this was all about the incredible Melbourne to Adelaide via great ocean road in 3 days of trip! We are sure that reading out the details will definitely drive in you the desire to visit this place right now. Stop wasting time and book your tickets to Australia now!

You would love visiting this place again and again and again!

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