Most expensive hotels in Melbourne

As well as being the heart and soul of Australia, Melbourne offers excellent opportunities for a vacation. There are all sorts of hot spots for entertainment and relaxation. To make your vacations top notch Melbourne offers the finest hotels. Known to be the most expensive hotels in Melbourne, they are absolutely striking. These hotels can also be a great way to treat yourself after a long and stressful week. To make it easier for you we have compiled a list of Melbourne’s most expensive hotels.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Grand Hyatt Melbourne
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Grand Hyatt proposes the most luxurious and expensive hoteling experiences in all of Melbourne. This hotel inculcates ambience starting from the shiny golden reception. It reminds you of castles and kingdoms. The warm hues of the rooms portray a soothing scene for your peace and serenity. Some rooms that are at the 20th floor or above have a remarkable view of Melbourne’s major landmarks. Hyatt is located near the trains and trams which makes visiting these landmarks way easier. However, get a branded car with a driver and enjoy Melbourne in your own style. It’s the perfect hotel for family vacations or romantic getaways.

Sofitel Melbourne

Sofitel Melbourne

Luxurious accommodation and indulgence in the finer things in life. The Sofitel Hotel has been a forefront for expensive hotels since the good old 90’s. The Sofitel doesn’t not make any comprises on the elegance. They keep it fancy without trying too hard. The views, services and amenities in the hotel speak for itself. The location makes the hotel 10 times better because Collins Street offers you a way to visit and try some of the best and expensive restaurants in Melbourne. So, if you’re looking for the most expensive hotels in Melbourne, Sofitel must definitely be on your list.

Melbourne Marriot Hotel

The Marriot hotel has a name for itself in the corporate world for accommodating business officials on work trips. Marriot incorporates an ‘80s James bond vibes with accompanying aesthetics. With Polished floors and leather accents as well as no nonsense furnishing escorted by people who mean business. The hotel has an atmosphere like no other. Fully laden with ready to use business facilities and pillow top beds. The Marriot is known for as the most expensive hotel in Melbourne for work and relaxation.

Hotel Windsor

Hotel Windsor drips with charm and glamour from the bygone days.
The hotel might be the most expensive hotel in Melbourne but it certainly offers that special charisma you’re paying for. The understated decor and
tasteful furnishing with soaring ceilings and leadlight accents. Hotel Windsor unlike other luxury hotels doesn’t indulge in shiny lighting which offers nothing but flashiness. The staff is friendly and professional, offering assistance every step of the way. The ambience in the room has also been utmost glamour and elegance. The bathrooms have marble interiors and soft linen towels. The Victorian suite is really where you should be spending all that money. The huge windows on both sides of the room make it feel like a 19th century Pied-a-terre than hotel. Hotel Windsor has the perfect location with lots of landmarks nearby.

The Mansion Hotel and Spa

The Mansion hotel is really the place you want to be if you need a week off. The Hotel inculcates award winning spas which can make you feel like a new born baby. Relaxation and extravagance, this combination makes the world feel like heaven. With immaculately landscaped gardens, a peaceful stroll can help you figure all your thoughts and feelings. It is a mansion is pampered by 50 staff members. The staff takes care of the guests with amenities such as the traditional Turkish Hammams and exquisite high-teas. Hence, making The Mansion Hotel and Spa one of the most expensive hotels in Melbourne.

The Langham

The Lagham has elegantly understated rooms featuring magnificent views of the Yarra River. They offer a variety of rooms such as Club Rooms, Balcony/Terrace Rooms, Club Spa Suites or the luxury apartments is a choice you have to make. The Chuan Spa accommodates customers seeking relaxation to escape the hustle connect with the contentedly private Langham Club. Fine dining at the Melba restaurant or a nightcap at Aria Bar & Lounge to make your experience extra special. The Langham Hotel also offers pool and fitness studio to guests looking for a healthy dose of endorphins and distressing. The Langham hotel offers a 360 degree experience making it one of the most expensive hotels in Melbourne.

The Lyall Hotel and Spa

The Lyall Hotel and Spa proposes amenities in an intimate, boutique setting. It is the only privatized five-star hotel in Melbourne which includes 40 suites. These suites each have a private terrace and a pillow menu for your personal comfort. There are Deluxe suites, Grand Suite and Platinum Suites for every preference. The Décor is contemporary oriental in all rooms and on each floor. The art gallery displaying original artworks by local French artist Thierry B, welcomes all guests with an interest in art. The three-level spa is where guests can book exotic treatments and feel at ease. A multicultural restaurant called Bistro Lyall and The Lyall Champagne Bar offers food and entertainment. The Lyall Hotel and Spa is a complete package.

Crown Towers

The Crown Towers instills and impressive number of guest rooms and Villas.
This hotel is a jewel in Melbourne’s luxury hotel prospect with lavishly adorned lobbies and rooms. The Deluxe Villa is the most extravagant hotel in the room. The room includes all expensive features of a penthouse such as an entry hall and a spacious living. Additionally, the dining area and a 24-hour butler service. The room also has separate dressing room, spa bath and aesthetic views of the city. Guests can enjoy the heated pool or indulge in a play a game of tennis on the rooftop court. Enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants within the Crown complex. Crown often hosts notable celebrity guests such as Kim Kardashian, One Direction and Roger Federer. Therefore, this hotel joins the list of one of the most expensive hotels in Melbourne.

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