Pre Theater Dinner Melbourne Near Regent Theater

Melbourne’s Regent Theatre has been known as one of the grand city places. It is popular known all over the world for the lavishing venues that are worth to visit once. In the year 1929 as being the picture palace this place was originally opened. Melbourne is the place that is filled with the beauty and inspiring places that are worth to catch right now. So here we are sharing with some of the remarkable and best options of pre theater dinner Melbourne near Regent theater and also we will discuss about cheap restaurants near regent theatre melbourne

pre theater dinner melbourne near regent theater

Scroll down and catch the list to visit these pre theatre dinner melbourne locations

1. Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz melbourne

Stay calm! It has 5 star rating. It is providing with the service of the pre and post theater dining. It would make you offer with the two course meals that are served at 5:30pm sharp. It has the whole dramatic setting of the design and decor that would make you fall in love with this place for sure. Its few signature dishes are mentioned as Cape Grim pasture fed beef, that are best served with bottomless frites and also the delicious petit salad.

2. Swan lake

This has been one of the unique and much designed in the bold and modern form of the setting. It is bringing the theater with the complete set of the classic style of the impact. Its on site restaurant is offering with the delicious and much the tasty food items. You would love placing the orders for the cocktails and desserts being available. You will be served with the dinner at 6pm sharp. You would admire the whole environment and surrounding decor being added in it.

3. The Carole King Musical

This is another one of the most high rated pre theater dinner Melbourne near Regent theater. It is worth to visit all around as you will be able to encounter Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton all around its corners. It has the amazing On-site restaurant Collins Kitchen that hence opens for the side of the dinner daily from 6pm sharp. Once you would visit this place, you would love making the visit over it again and again! This place is worth to recommend to your friends too.

4. The Ideal Husband

This hotel has been brilliant surrounded with the options of the boasting studio all along with the penthouse. You can often get the chance to make the visit over the presidential suites. If you are fond of sweet tooth, then you should be the part of this place. Harry Restaurant is its on site restaurant and will make you serve with the dinners from Monday to Saturday as from 5:30pm-7pm sharp. Book your tickets to Melbourne now to visit this place.

5. The Sake Restaurant

It is breath-taking set with the rooftop pool that is all landed with the beauty of the lauded Cocoon bar and also with the best Bourke Street Mall nearby. This is the 5 star hotel and it is located at the distance of around 450 metres away from the theater. Its well known hotel’s Louden Kitchen and Grill restaurant will make you offer with the tasty and complete traditional Australian cuisine. And another highly rated pre theater dinner melbourne near regent theater They will serve you with dinner at 6pm sharp. You should not be missing the chance to catch the ambience of this place!

6. Seamstress

This place is filled with divine and beauty that is worth to experience again and again. It is adorned with the richness of the furniture colouring and with the modern setting of bathrooms that make it complete exquisite. It has the well known platform 270 restaurant that is named as the on-site and has been all involved in offering with the tasty and delicious menu with the options of tapas, as well as share plates and so as the steak. It serves the dinner at 5pm. Make yourself to be the part of this outstanding place right now!

7. The European

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It is complete filled with the surroundings of the trending bars and also restaurants and  . It is best located as next door to the Princess Theatre. It is all coming out to be one of the best and yet the most convenient choice that is ideal meant for the pre-Princess Theatre meal. This Melbourne icon brings out with the delivery of the authentic European flavours. You can instantly finish your meal right through the glass of Sicilian moscato or a gelato from the Spring Street Grocer.

So this is all we have ended on with some of the remarkable and best Pre Theater Dinner Melbourne Near Regent Theater which you should not be missing out to try right now. Once you will visit these places, you would be falling in love with the beauty and with the outstanding surrounding set up of these places. Grab the best of them right now!

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