The ultimate guide for Seafood Restaurant in Melbourne

seafood restaurants in Melbourne

First of all, let me start by defining the fine cuisine of seafood. So, what actually is seafood? Seafood prominently consists of fish and shellfish, which taste amazing on their own. Seafood is wildly popular in Asia.

So back to the guide about seafood restaurants in Melbourne, what does this great city have to offer to seafood fans? Apparently, a lot. Seafood is a very niche type of food enjoyed by a wide range of people, and the city of Melbourne has 63 restaurants that have expertise on seafood and various other fine cuisine related to seafood. Below is a list of few the best seafood restaurants in Melbourne, it is a complete guide so buckle up and get your taste buds ready cause you are in for a treat!

George’s Greek Tavern

This is an iconic restaurant at the heart of Melbourne. It recently went through some management changes, but the pristine quality remains the same. Enjoy masterful cooking ethos is this place and food prepared by some of Europe’s best chefs. The food is prepared by traditional methods and you will notice a kind of warmth the staff portray to their customers. Visit this place if you want a truly Greek dining experience.

Bacash Restaurant

This restaurant has a huge expertise of serving some purely great seafood dishes. Bacash also offers its customers a wide range of options on its menu so it is very appealing to its clientele. This restaurant provides top notch food with the best in-class quality.

Box Seafood Restaurant

The Box Seafood Restaurant dining experience will leave you wanting for more! The creative team of chefs and staff at this venue makes sure that your meals are prepared with the highest quality and perfection.

Pure South Dining

Pure South is modern restaurant that features Melbourne’s top quality seafood and steak on its menu! It also provides a sophisticated and elegant dining experience that is unparalleled with anyone else.

Phillip Island RSL

The goal of this restaurant is to provide the best an amazing service and great quality food and beverage products with a warm and welcoming heart. The Bistro menu of this restaurant caters to their vegetarian customers. They also provide online booking by using the Book-a-Restaurant widget and following the prompts.

Lobster Cave – Ultimate Seafood Dining Melbourne

This restaurant is located in the city centre of Melbourne and enjoys great reviews from its customers. The location is well decorated with a nice and friendly atmosphere and 5-star quality chefs. All the items on its menu are top notch and are prepared only with best and freshest produce that is sourced locally. Plus, this place has built in fish tanks!
So these are few of the best seafood restaurants in Melbourne.

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