All you need to know about the flight from Canberra to Melbourne via Tigerair

tigerair canberra to melbourne

If you are searching for airlines that would take you from canberra to melbourne, providing all the basic services; and you would save a few dollars on the fare then Tigarair is one of your best options. In this article we will discuss all you need to know about your trip from Canberra to Melbourne via Tigerair and all about Tigerair and their services.

tigerair canberra to melbourne

Tigerair Australia is a low-cost airline based in Australia. A low-cost airline is defined as an airline service that provides all the basic airline services for less than usual fares excluding extra comforts; other services like complementary food, priority boarding and seat allocating and services regarding baggage are charged to make up for the revenue lost on the ticket price. Tigerair originated on the 23rd of November 2007, providing services in the Australian domestic airline market by the name of Tiger Airways Australia. Tigerair is a fully owned by Virgin Australia Holdings, as a secondary form of business. The airline is founded in Melbourne, Victoria. Their main base is at Melbourne Airport. The air was grounded by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) in 2011; at that time operating bases at Adelaide and Avalon were shut down only functioned out at their Melbourne base. Tigerair pronounced the opening of their second base at Sydney Airport in March of 2012.

A flight departing from Canberra via Tigerair lands in 3 different locations in Melbourne: Tullamarine Airport, Avalon and Melbourne International Airport. You can visit Tigerair at their website to decide which ticket schedule suits your needs and plan your schedule and destination accordingly. A ticket from Canberra to Melbourne costs under $100 for light package and around $110 for Express seats. The airline also offers packages on Tuesdays for even cheaper tickets and discount on two-way tickets as well. The duration of your flight will be 1 Hour and 5 Minutes. At Tigerair, you are offered a service called Freeze Fare that gives you 48 hours to pay for your booking after the fee of $3 has been paid and your booking is placed on hold. If you no longer require the ticket for the flight the booking will automatically be cancelled after 48 hours.

Since, Tigerair is not known for their services that are supposed to be comfortable, people often have mixed reviews regarding them; however, there are people who fly to and fro more often than not and they prefer Tigerair for services that are easy on their pockets and go as far as recommending it to people too.

Tigerair has well-trained staff that is professional and friendly. Their staff is ready to accommodate you on any queries or requests you may have, as per availability. You will find the fight cabin crew all well groomed with proper uniforms – Pilots and airline staff alike – unusual for a low cost airline – very proficient in making the customers feel safe and important. The interior of the airplanes and quiet impressive according to several customer reviews, spacious and you’ll be at ease.
One reviewer on had a lot to say about the cloth on the seats – as most seats are leather as expected on low cost carriers.

Tigerair uses front and back stairs for boarding and de-planning as it is much faster than the long slow queue on other airlines which only use one door. Tigerair offers a simple menu – but perfect for a low cost airline – you can pre-order bigger meals too, if that is something you prefer.
At Tigerair you’ll find your flight as per schedule- boarding will be an easy process as they usually manage to get finished a little before departure time. The latest airline statistics for 2015 stated that 84.1% of Tigerair service flights departed on time in 2015, a record for the airline over the period of a year.

In contrast, Tigerair’s major opponent departed on schedule 76.2% of the time on similar routes. Tigerair was also 3 times more reliable than its’ crucial competitor on like-to-like routes when it came to cancellations in 2015. Tigerair cancelled 0.9% of flights in 2015, corresponded to 2.9% for the key competitor on the same routes. Tigerair also delivered the airline’s best ever on time departure statistics in February 2016, with 93.3% of services departing on time.

Airline has majorly developed since problems a few years ago. Their services are customer friendly and reliable. They provide you with quality services that are worth your money. Hence, with all said and done Tigerair is an affordable yet reliable option from travelling within the country. I hope you learn from this article about tigerair canberra to melbourne  Check out their website tigerair

for further details and flight schedules or give them a call at 00 61 7 3295 2104.


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