Top 10 Best Parks In Melbourne For Picnic

Melbourne has never been known to have stable weather. However, we understand your need to just bask under the sun whenever you can. Looking for Best Parks in Melbourne for Picnic? You’ve come to the right place because we have gathered a list of tremendous spots in Melbourne where you can roll out your rug and enjoy the warm weather.

1.Royal Botanic Gardens

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Royal Botanic Gardens is located at the heart of the city. These gardens are home to rare, native and exotic plant species. This lake side beauty is one of the best Parks in Melbourne for Picnic. Get ready to prop up your lawn chair or lay on your mat on one of the eleven picturesque lawns. One of the best picnic points is near the lake where you can watch the boats glide across the oasis under the beautiful Melbourne Skyline. Including your personal picnic activities, you can also join the Herbarium Discovery Walk. Visit The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden and have a cup of coffee at one of the cafés.

2.Edinburgh Gardens

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Edinburgh Gardens is a popular spot for hipsters in town. The Garden have striking open lawn areas shaded by large trees where you can roll out your picnic rug. People also visit the area to simply play a game of footy with their mates. This Park also offers barbeque facilitates, tennis courts, a skate park and the best part is you can let your dog free in the designated off-leash dog space. One of the Best Parks in Melbourne for Picnic; They also has a supermarket called Piedmonte for Picnic essentials including Liquor.

3.Wattle Park

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Draped with historical buildings and soaring gum trees, the Wattle Park is also one of the best parks in Melbourne for a Picnic. The park has picnic tables scattered around for you to use or bring your own mat and chair. Here you can enjoy the fresh air with your family and friends. Additionally, the wattle and seasonal wildflowers are brilliant in spring but the park is incredible all year long. There are tennis courts and golf area too for a little adrenaline rush. The Playgrounds are specifically helpful with kids to clamber as you take a few moments to yourself.

4.Queens Park

Queens Park is an ideal place to take your family for a picnic. Your children can explore the flora and fauna at the park. You can even borrow ranger kits for extra fun. The park offers areas with shady trees and vast expanses of lush green grass to find a spot and lay down on your picnic mat. The fantastic playground offers entertainment for young kids. Also, there are plenty of memorials and sites to be discovered by your older- history loving children. A large lake with fountain in the middle of the park is ornamental to the park’s eccentric atmosphere and your enjoyment.

5.Rippon Lea House and Gardens

Rippon Lea House and Gardens is an extensive heritage site because the mansion and surrounding gardens were home to one of Victoria’s most influential families. After 1868, it is now open to the public. These gardens can be classified as one of the best parks in Melbourne for picnic due to the possibility of a leisurely day. Here you can explore a 19th-century mansion. The gardens hold majestic significance for walks. Carre Street Pantry House at the gardens offers lunch facilities including one hamper packed with sandwiches and canapés for your picnic.

6.Studley Park Boathouse and Picnic area

The historic Studley Park Boathouse one of Melbourne’s most popular parks with Yarra River beside it. Studley Park Picnic Area has all kinds of arrangements for picnics such as shelters, tables and electric barbeques. The Bellbird Picnic Area has all the picnic facilities as well but it is quieter than the Studley Park Area. People often hire a rowboat, canoe or kayak and paddle along the Yarra River as a peaceful activity. Moreover, the kiosks at the park sell fast food such as burgers to pies, wraps, paninis, hot chips and much more. This is to ease you from the responsibility of packing a picnic hamper. You can enjoy a good cup of coffee at the cafes in the park too.

7.St. Kilda Botanic Gardens

St Kilda beach is popular for beaching that involves eating fish but for an eccentric picnic experience visit St Kilda Botanic Gardens. The gardens feature a giant chess board and chess tables, conservatory, playground glasshouses and an Eco Centre. The pond with a solar-powered Rain Man fountain elevates the beauty of the gardens. For picnic facilities the park has tables and gazebos. For your hamper essentials head over to Baker D Chirico or grab a cheese box from Milk the Cow. Hence, St. Kilda Botanic gardens counts as one of the best parks in Melbourne for Picnic.

8.Ardrie Park

Ardrie Park boasts of epic views back over Melbourne. The park has an excellent swing set for the most instagrammable photographs. Ardrie Park is as picturesque as a park can be with Long Boulevard of trees running through the middle. These are Japanese styled gardens with plenty of nooks and quiet crannies. The park is perfect, if you like your own company with a book by your side. It is like having a picnic at the end of the universe.

9.The Abbotsford Convent

The Abbotsford Convent is one of the best parks in Melbourne for Picnic with cultural-activities-based picnic. There are ample opportunity for wandering and exploring the eerie park lingering with ghost stories at every corner. There are a variety of creative practitioners in the park such as creators of C3 contemporary art. The Convent bakery at the park is the perfect solution for any baked good cravings. Honestly, the bakery can be a good reason on its own to go to the park.

10.Lysterfield Park

Lysterfield Park has a beautiful lakeside and is a very popular spot for picnics. The park has beautiful spots to enjoy the atmosphere of the park and lake. Furthermore, the park offers fun activities such as paddle boarding, sailing, horse riding, mountain biking and walking. People visit the park to get a whiff of the beauty of the lake and enjoy the scenery.

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