Top 6 Scuba Diving Shops in Melbourne

scuba diving shops in melbourne

Great news for Scuba Diving enthusiasts living in Melbourne, we have compiled a list of scuba diving shops in melbourne with a detailed account on their services and how you can get in contact with them.

scuba diving shops in melbourne

We have compiled a list best scuba diving shops in melbourne

  • Adreno Scuba Diving
  • The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop
  • Snorkel Safari
  • Aquatic Adventures
  • Scuba Life
  • Scuba Culture

Adreno Scuba Diving

Adreno Scuba Diving
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adreno Scuba Diving is known for their well-informed proficient customer service and a variety of quality  scuba diving shops in melbourne and related spearfishing products. Adreno takes pride in admitting that they are not just a retail store, but a destination store comprising of a community of people who have a passion for water sports and are expert advisors. They have a large variety of products for Spearfishing, Scuba Diving and Free Diving, including a range of Wetsuits. At Ardeno, you will find a number of value packages that cover all your scuba diving needs with discounts starting from 3% to a whopping 35%. Go and shop for your Scuba diving essentials now or visit their website to place an order from the comfort of your home.


The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop

The Scuba Doctor
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The Scuba Doctor is a dedicated dive shop that caters to the needs of every other water sports enthusiast starting from Recreational, Technical, Commercial, Military and Rescue scuba divers, to Snorkellers, Freedivers and Spearos. They have all the diving and Snorkelling equipment for your family, including their special Kids’ Corner. At Scuba Doctor Dive Shop, you’ll find all that you’re looking for such as Snorkelling mask, or a full set of Scuba Diving gear, they have equipment packages that will meet your requirements and budget. They also have the recreational and technical divers come and visit the shop for any advice you might need. Additionally, they provide in store professional repair services too. For more details, visit their


Snorkel Safari

Snorkel Safari melbourne
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Unlike many other scuba diving shops in melbourne , Snorkel Safari also provides services for people who want to learn to scuba dive or expand their diving education; their scuba diving experts have you covered. At Snorkel Safari Stores, they offer a variety of training programs from RAID, the most advanced diver training agency in the world. You can visit their website to go through their scuba dive training program menu and select your preferred learn to scuba dive location; they offer training in Brisbane, Newcastle, Swansea, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Aquatic Adventures

Aquatic Adventures Rowville
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Aquatic Adventures stands true to their name, and one the best scuba diving shops in melbourne they believe that scuba diving is an exhilarating adventure that brings people together; this is reason why they offer their courses and trips to everyone and arrange parties for people to hang out together. Aquatic Adventures has club diving running every weekend. They cater to you if you require a social dive or refresh your skills in a friendly no pressure environment, they welcome you to join them. Along with Diver Training in Melbourne, they sell a huge range of scuba equipment, teach first aid, provide boat licenses services and have service technician with 10 years industry experience available at the shop. They have a variety of Scuba diving equipment from high quality scuba diving brands such as Oceanic, Scubapro, Poseidon, Faber, Cressi, Apollo, Fourth Element, Aqualung, etc. For further details visit their website

Scuba Culture

Scuba Culture
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Scuba Culture is also another best scuba diving shops in melbourne great option to look at if you are looking for a scuba diving shop near you, they provide diving courses to make you a safer and more practiced diver. They are also known as Victoria’s leading source of accredited Scuba Diving training. They provide you with opportunities to do dive, locally, interstate or overseas. Scuba Culture is the destination of choice for the perceptive shopper and diver looking for the finest gear, the top class service and the Grade A advice. They also offer a wide range of diving courses such as recreational scuba, accredited and vocational training. For further details visit their website

Scuba Life

Scuba Life Victoria’s leading recreational Scuba Diving Center; they offer the top value PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Courses in Melbourne. At Scuba Life you will find all kinds of scuba diving essentials with a full range of Scuba diving gear and equipment at great discounted prices from well-known brands such as Tusa,Water Proof, Oceanic, Scubapro, Alpha, Rob Allen, Cressi Sub, Sea and Sea, GoPro and many more. You will also find Underwater Photography Equipment available here with expert advisors providing you with necessary knowledge. Scuba Life as a PADI 5 star dive Centre: offer quality courses, equipment, services and dive travel destinations, (domestic and international) Dive Club and much more.Scuba Life comes in best scuba diving shops in melbourne
If you’re also looking for people to socialize with, Scuba Life arranges social nights on Fridays that allow you to come in and say hello to your new friends, get your air fills for diving on the weekend or have a look at their great range of dive equipment.
For more information visit their website


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