Top 7 Things to do at Brighton Beach, Melbourne

things to do at brighton beach
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Are you thinking of visiting Brighton Beach in Melbourne? This Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Australia because people from all over the country come for a visit. Brighton beach stretches from Brighton Marina all the way through to the Hove end which ultimately breaks when it reaches Shoreham near Brighton and hove. Other than the absolutely breathtaking beauty of the beach under the open sky at all times, specifically at dawn and dusk; the beach is also known for the 82 colorful beach boxes. The beach boxes are iconic historical masterpieces that attract people to the place. Besides the colorful beach boxes there is so much to in the area surrounding the Brighton Beach, there is no chance of getting bored. We have compiled a list of things that can be done at the Brighton Beach Melbourne.

Sunbathing and Swimming

Sunbathing and Swimming are the prime attraction for most visitors. Finding a good spot is the key to having a good time. The busiest area is near the Grand hotel between City center and Brighton Pier. Although, this area of the beach has most restaurants and bars but on a busy day, it gets more jam packed than relaxing. Especially if you are with family and looking for a quiet time on the beach, choose the area further down near the west pier. This area has a play zone for kids which have recently been refurbished too. There is an area especially for kids with pools other children oriented stuff specifically for parents with small children. There are rides near the Brighton Pier such as the carousel which will not let your kid throw a tantrum about going home

Football and BBQ

The Hove end is further west along the brighton beach melbourne ; this area is notable for lush greenery. Most natives come here with friends and family on the weekends and have a grand time cooking BBQ and playing football. Additionally, there are several beach cafes in the area too; however, less than the main area. You will discover a few toilets around the area as well. This is a great place to spend your weekend at, under the beautiful Melbournian Skyline.

Brighton Pier

Iconic and endearing, the Brighton Pier is a popular and well-loved entertainment center around the brighton beach melbourne. There are several amusement arcades, restaurants, bars, street food stalls and a massive funfair inside the Pier. The Pier is the busiest on weekends but it also is very popular among the tourists on weekdays. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the beach in addition to other mainstream activities.

Clubbing on the Beachfront

One of the best places in Melbourne to host nightlife activities is around the beach. There are several night clubs around the area run under the promenade. Specifically popular is Zap Club that hosts a lot of special nights and inhabits a party vibe. To get more information about the special nights you can visit their website. A particularly prevalent club for students is The Honeyclub. This club has multiple bars under one roof and is known for entertainment provided by prominent Dj’s in town.
Another popular beach bar is called ‘The Fortune of War’; this bar is particularly very crowded almost any day of the week.

Eating around the Beach

The most widely ordered food on the brighton beach is of course the fish and chips; however, there are several other options at the beach for an excellent food experience. Restaurants with a variety of delicacies can be enjoyed on you day at the beach in addition to a place near the south of the beach where homemade local items are sold as well. Moreover, there are vendors all across the beach for a quick snack or you can make it a meal. Even the nightclubs along the beach sell food in the summer season during the day, adding another great option for reasonably prices food at the beach.

Watersports at the Beach

Besides lounging around the beach and relishing peace and quiet, there are way to get your adrenaline levels pumping. From hiking to surfing, the beach offers training for beginners and equipment to pros. To get involved in adventurous sports visit the west end of the Hove beach where you will find detailed courses and options for sports such as Sailing, power boating and windsurfing. Other than that the beach is a spectacular place for kite surfing which offers plenty more adrenaline to adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts. Get in contact with authorities around the area or visit their websites to know about the course training and other water sports related facilities.

Secluded Nudist beach

The nude beach is another option for people who prefer nudity at the beach. There is a partly secluded beach known as the Black Rock Beach; this is the only beach where nudity is allowed. This beach sort of has a vibe of its own with mounds of pebbles surrounding the area. You can enjoy your time at the beach in whatever way you like.

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