Wine Tasting Through Melbourne, Australia

Wine Tasting Through Melbourne

Wine Tasting Through Melbourne, Australia
Whether you have never been wine tasting or if you’re a sommelier, you are in for a fantastic treat when you go wine tour tasting through Melbourne Australia. First of all, Australia is known for its own varietal the Shiraz or Syrah grape, so be sure to try everyone offered. Shirazes tend to be semi-dry but fruity; they can range anywhere from light to heavy on the palette, but they typically stay in the 13% alcohol range. If everything I just said was like learning Greek, you need Wine Tasting 101, so I’ll give you a few tips  from one of my other articles Wine

Tasting for Dummies.
⦁ If you plan on tasting both Red Wines and White Wines, start with the whites.
⦁ Note the alcohol content is printed on the bottle. Typically (but not always), the higher the alcohol, the drier the wine. Normal wines, meaning not fermented, will stop at 15%. This is true of both Red Wines and White Wines.
⦁ At a wine tasting, a good Sommelier, a wine expert, should go over the 5 S’s of wine tasting: Sight, Smell, Swirl, Sip, & Swallow. If he/she doesn’t, request they do.
⦁ Reds & Whites – Tricks of the Trade
⦁ The color of wines can help you determine what kind of wine or grape (yes, they are the same) it is coming from. A chardonnay wine comes from a chardonnay grape!!
White Wines Red Wines

Chardonnays – Yellow like Straw or Butter Cabernet Sauvignon – Ruby Red Slippers
Rieslings – Clear almost no color Merlot – true concord grape

Sauvignon Blanc – Clear but closeup granny smith Zinfandel – burnt red, rustic
green hues
Burgandy – Deep dark redChampagne/ Sparkling Wine – Bubbling Clear SHIRAZ – MAGENTA

Now you’re ready for MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, but is Melbourne ready for you? Let’s look at some wineries that are so fabulous, they are trending, they are the place to be, and they are the places with the best wines!!


Melbourne and surrounding area boast more than 700 wineries and 500 cellars in 21 different wine regions. In the high country, one can be treated to the fuller-bodied reds, south of Melbourne you will delight in Pinot Noir, Chardonnays, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Gris. Also offered are estate wines and artisan wines. Truly something for everyone’s pallet. Here are 8 that come highly recommended from the tourist bureau: Eight of the best Wineries According to the Tourist Bureau Enjoy your travels through stunning Melbourne, and eat, drink and be festively merry! Even though it’s not quite as big as Sydney, it sure does have a lot to offer. G’day Mates!

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